Glam Rocks FOR LIFE






This website was founded in order to prop-up our efforts to advertise to mothers the many resources available to them and their baby, and to create a fun and supportive way to support our sisters in their hour of need. We are not a non-profit, but 10% of sales go into promoting resources that encourage and educate women on the reality that we never "have to choose," and that we can, in fact, have have it all. Motherhood can be done while persuing other dreams as well. You do not have to choose. We believe women should be encouraged and supported. Without our ability to prove life is priceless, we denote our most sacred charge as both human beings and as women. So don't just choose. Choose life. We are focused on promoting womens reproductive rights in style. We don't believe birth control is about bettering women. We believe bettering women is about bettering women. We are worth more than our matarial offerings. But in order to be valued as priceless, we must maintain a standard of life, liberty, love and of the true beauty which lies within. You don't need lies when YOU have that prize.

If you are suffering in silence because you have experienced "choice", when others told you it was "no big deal," or if you simply want to just talk, please see CityOfAngels.Us. The resources are out there if you just want to vent, or if you need a support group to take stock of your experiences. Post Abortion Stress Syndrome is a well documented form of PTSD, which results in real physiological trauma and even brain damage associated with PTSD. It is wise to pray for God to reveal Himself to you in the ways that only God can.. and then to listen! God WILL respond.

Face it.

"What choice did I have," is no choice at all.

Unfortunately, some women will use that word to exploit their fellow females.

Don't get played.

Choice, is not choice, until it is made.