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What we do when we are not hunting for rad gems:

Abortion 'clinics' get millions… maybe even billions… to convince women they are helping women by charging them to 'take care of' their 'burdensome' premature babies. Meanwhile… clinics who do not make money off of abortion have to beg for money.

pro-life resources

In order to make this truth widely recognized we have designed a line of jewelry to help sell this idea that women have choices other than choice. That the Planned Parenthood falsehoods they taught us in school are not good for our souls, or our children. The men in our lives need to not only care about the emotions of women, but sacrifice for the lives of children. It is important for men to be heroes, and to have a cause worth fighting for. We are in the beauty business. Life is Bueatiiful!

Join us. Support our cause. Buy a ring or pendant. In the backs of catholic church bulletins the only pro-life message available to women, will likely be ours. If you help us fight this lack of options for women, you too, will become some ones unknown hero… one of the few helping hands giving life, when all the other voices in a womans life are silently asking her to take it.

We founded CityOfAngels.Us in Santa Monica California in order to mission to local women that there were alternatives to suicide and abortion in the face of seamingly impossible odds. But we ended up missioning to men, and tweens, too!! Everyone wants to hear the good news about life!

Noticing a conspicuous absence, we developed a website and designed ads which advertised to women that there were positive alternatives to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion has established itself as a cure-all to the age-old dillemma of how to get away with pricing human flesh for recreational and experimental purposes. Alot of money is spent to silence any opposition. We need money to fight them back.

These ads are expensive and in order for women to get the word out, things will need to change on a massive scale.

Consider our mission and be part of the solution.